The Mission of BillBoard Talent is to provide independent musicians a clear walkway, so they are able to take steps towards, building their artistic gift into a prosperous career.

Billboard Talent Inc is a Multilevel Marketing platform company that focuses on managing, marketing & developing independent artist. BillBoard Talent also host a social, music-focused website, allowing the music community access to resources that can enhance their success in the music industry. The company began in July of 2009, building the components to its business and is progressing nicely with the formal launch of the website coming soon and currently represents a roster of rising music talent.

Billboard Talent signs and represents music artists to help them manage and market their brand and build their career.  To date, BBT Management contains a talent roster of 3 talented artist, song, writers, and producers.  All BBT represented talent are booked for shows, events and are awarded access to professional music resources such as music producers, studio access, wardrobe, also Social and PR marketing.

BillBoard Talent is a global website that welcomes all genres of music artists to come together and interact socially to achieve exposure, find band mates and the capability of creating, distributing and sharing of music all on one site.  Music executives have a one-stop search for rising talent, artists have a music outlet and platform to showcase their talent and musicians can find each other to partner-up musically.  Other great features members can find useful is the capability to upload videos and sell digital music.  Active music blogs are present for discussion of hot topics, events and celebrity music artist debates promoting social music interaction in a community of musicians.